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Surely you have wanted to enter a WhatsApp chat several times in order to read some message you received but you never let yourself doing it because that would ‘force’ you to respond at the moment. Well, as the title of this article announces, we’re going to explore an excellent app that allows us to read all our new messages without having to open WhatsApp, and consequently without the apparition of the double check.

This app is called Hide Read Whatsapp Lite and you can find it for free in Google Play.

>>Download here<<

By accessing the app for the first time, a pop-up will appear showing you the different tips that explain how the app works. As you can see it has a very simple and intuitive interface.

At the upper right corner you can see the Inbox where the new messages received will show up, and at the upper left side there’s a drop-down menu with all the Hide Read Whatsapp features. The features are:

  • • Unread messages: In this option we have all of the conversations with messages that we have not yet read. Those conversations are situated one above the other as if the application WhatsApp itself it were, with the difference that we can not respond from Hide Read WhatsApp, but we do have the option to go directly to the actual conversation of WhatsApp.
  • Configuration: here we simply can “touch” different settings within the application as: permissions, language, notifications and urgent messages.
  • Multimedia: This is certainly one of the most interesting sections of the application. We can do exactly the same as in message’s section but with all the multimedia content we have received.
  • Premium Version: This option will give us direct access to buy the paid version of Hide Read WhatsApp, which does not include ads. A very interesting option the developers have added is the option to buy the premium version for free, to get it we just have to invite 10 friends to try this application.
  • Help: If you have any questions you can access this option where are all the tips that were mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In short this is a very simple application to use and certainly it is useful, especially if weare used to dealing with some annoying friend in WhatsApp.

Here you can watch a video in which Hide Read For Whatsapp is explained.

What do you think about the app? Would you use it?